Department of Behavioral & Cognitive Biology

We study behavioral and cognitive traits from the multiple perspectives of mechanism, function, development and evolutionary history. Our research centers around questions about cognitive and communicative processes, the endocrine and genetic control of behavior, and the influence of ecological and environmental factors on behavioral phenotypes. We work on a variety of vertebrate species and we conduct studies under controlled lab- and ecologically valid field conditions.

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A University of Vienna research team led by Sonia Kleindorfer helps Darwin's finches fly home after seven months in captivity. The finches were kept...


Evolutionary novelties underlie sound production in baleen whales

by Coen P. H. Elemans, Weili Jiang, Mikkel H. Jensen, Helena Pichler, Bo R....


A Behavioural Exploration of Language Aptitude and Experience, Cognition and More Using Graph Analysis

by Alessandra Rampinini, Irene Balboni, Narly...