PHD Students

David Anchundia

Investigating the reasons for the rapid decline of the Little Vermiilion Flycatcher on the Galapagos Island

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Sarah Emser

Genetic and epigenetic aspects of hibernation phenotypes

Supervisors: Ralf Steinborn & Eva Millesi

Paula Ibanez de Aldecoa

Mechanisms, components and promoters of innovation in animals and humans

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Johannes Jäschke

Economics of hierarchies: the impact of social rank on behavior and physiology in social dilemma situations

Supervisor: Bernard Wallner

Barbara Kofler

Dynamic interaction between the inavasive parasite P. dowsi and its avian hosts

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

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Poppy Lambert

The innovation problem: factors influencing innovative tool use in humans and cockatoos

Supervisors: Sabine Tebbich, Alice Auersperg & Sarah Beck

Magdalena Pelayo-van Buuren

Underlying mechanisms involved in innovative problem solving and mirror related behaviours in large-brained birds

Supervisors: Alice Auersperg & Sabine Tebbich

Courtney Pike

Investigating the behavior and larval development of the invasive parasitic fly, Philornis downsi, in different host nests in the Galapagos Islands

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr

Between habitat quality and site fidelity: How the Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita), a critically endangered bird species, chooses its foraging areas

Supervisors: Kurt Kotrschal & Didone Frigerio

Kate Schein

The effect of social grouping on gorilla behavior and physiology in zoological settings

Supervisor: Bernard Wallner

Veronika Beeck

DK "Cognition and Communication 2"

Mammal Communication Lab

Project title: "Functions and mechanisms of vocal flexibility"

Magdalena Boch

DK "Cognition & Communication 2"

"Evolutionary foundations of the social brain: a comparative canine neuroimaging approach"

Supervisor: Prof. Claus Lamm; Co-Supervisor: Prof. Ludwig Huber & Isabella Wagner PhD

Sarah Deventer

DK "Cognition and Communication"


Supervisor: Tecumseh Fitch

Vesta Eleuteri, MSc

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Multimodal communication in African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana)

Supervisor: Dr. Angela Stoeger-Horwath

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Jefferson García Loor

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Supervisor: Sonia Kleindorfer

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Dhwani Sadaphal

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Thesis: Rhythmic cognition and social bonding in humans

Supervisor: Tecumseh Fitch

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Martina Stocker

A hormonal perspective on cooperative behaviour: A comparative approach

Supervisors: Thomas Bugnyar, Jorg Massen & Virginie Canoine

Jeroen van der Aa

DK "Cognition & Communication 3"

Thesis: Mechanisms underlying rhythmicity in humans and non-human animals

Supervisor: Tecumseh Fitch

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Varalika Jain

Supervisor: Petra Sumasgutner

Julia Victoria Grabner, MSc MSc

„Acoustic information integration and dynamic decision making in common marmosets“

Supervisors: Michelle Spierings, PhD; Prof. Thomas Bugnyar

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Anna Fabbri

Supervisors: T. Bugnyar, L. Fusani

Silvia Damini

Supervisor: T. Bugnyar

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Thomas MacGillavry

Supervisor: L. Fusani

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Awani Bapat

Supervisors: Thomas Bugnyar, Palmyre Boucherie

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Alper Yelimlies

Supervisor: Sonia Kleindorfer

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Job Morgan Knoester

Supervisor: Leonida Fusani

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Roy Hammer

"Generating new insights in the social dynamics of semi-free ranging Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)"

Supervisors: Lena Pflüger, Bernard Wallner