Scientific Staff

Professor of Cognitive Biology

Current Head of Department

Professor of Behavioral Biology

Vice Head of Department

Professor of Animal Physiology and Ornithology at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, and the University of Vienna

Vice Head of Department

Professor of Cognitive Ethology



Sonia Kleindorfer

Professor of Animal Behavior

Director, Konrad Lorenz Research Center for Behavior and Cognition of the University of Vienna

Vice Head of Department



Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Acoustic Communication in Fishes

Dr. Barbara Klump (she/her)

Assistant Professor

Petra Sumasgutner

Dr. Petra Sumasgutner

Assistant Professor

Adj.-Prof. for Comparative Anthropology

Head of the Brain and Language Lab at the Cognitive Science Hub

Dott.ssa Dr. Didone Frigerio, Privatdoz.

Senior Scientis, KLF Grünau

Email: didone.frigerio[at]

Senior post-doctoral researcher, Bioacoustics Lab



Professor (Invited) Kyoto University, Japan

Head of the Animal Care Facility and Mammal Communication Lab

Senior Scientist



Child Field Lab leader 

Funded by: Elise Richter grant from the FWF

Ecotoxicology, Field Biologist, Environmental pollution



Jasmine L. Loveland, PhD                       

Lise Meitner Fellow

Jim McGetrick, PhD                                     

Affenberg Research Station

Mag. Dr. Carina Siutz                          

Rodent Lab

Marmoset Lab, FWF YIRG Project