Martina Stocker, MSc


Broadly, I am interested in animal (social) behaviour and its interaction with physiology. During my master studies in “Animal Behaviour, Neurobiology and Cognition” I developed a vast interest in the fascinating field of behavioural endocrinology. For that reason, I worked on hormonal responses to experimentally induced fission-fusion dynamics in ravens (Corvus corax) in the course of my master thesis and got an Endocrinology Lab Assistant position at the University of Vienna until I started my PhD.

Currently, I am focusing on the correlation between hormones and cooperative behaviour. My research goals are directed toward developing a bigger picture of cooperation by investigating cognitive, social and endocrine factors in different corvids (common ravens, azure-winged magpies) and primate species (long-tailed macaques, common marmosets).


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Invited Talk at the Animal Ecology Research Group, Utrecht University, NL, June 8, 2016 Stocker M: Stress hormones and social behaviour in ravens.