Mario Gallego-Abenza, MSc

I am broadly interested in animal behaviour, especially in animal communication. Although my previous research relies on communication across species, I am really interested in the function of individual signature of acoustic signals under many conspecific contexts, such as sexual selection or social interactions. In addition to my work on domestic dogs and human beings, most of my research took place in the field using free-ranging populations of a wide range of taxa, from insects to owls. I am currently stationed in Grünau, Upper Austria, under Prof. Bugnyar's supervision, I conduct my research on wild non-breeder ravens. This setting offers an incredible opportunity to test through acoustic tools and observational data which factors remain behind the pronounced individual differences in fission-fusion dynamics in the wild.


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Wheatcroft, D. Gallego-Abenza, M & Qvarnström, A. 2016. Species replacement reduces community participation in avian antipredator groups. Behavioral Ecology 27: 1499-1506.