Dr.rer.nat. Cliodhna Quigley


Dove lab  

Post doc, Fusani Lab, Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna.
Network Associate, Vienna Cognitive Science Hub, University of Vienna.  

The main focus of my current research is to use video recordings to better understand male courtship displays in birds, female responses to displays, and the interaction between displayer and audience. I work primarily in the lab with ring doves (Streptopelia risoria) but also help other members of the Fusani Lab analyse video material from field research. I am also investigating multisensory processing in birds, as we are interested in how the auditory and visual components of the male ring dove’s relatively simple courtship display interact during female evaluation.  

In our Comparative Aesthetics project (2019-2023), we look at commonalities in multimodal signalling of attractiveness in doves and humans. Thanks to this project, I have close ties to the Empirical Visual Aesthetics Lab in the Faculty of Psychology and collaborate with the group on various projects investigating human attractiveness judgements.  

My previous work focused on visual attention in humans (does top-down control of visual processing change in healthy old age?) and non-human primates (does cholinergic neuromodulation mediate top-down attention effects in visual cortex?); and multisensory integration in humans.  

Recent grants: Comparative Aesthetics (Vienna Science and Technology Fund Cognitive Sciences call; PI Leonida Fusani, co-PIs Helmut Leder, Cliodhna Quigley) Measurement of brain responses in birds during naturalistic courtship behaviour (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna: Bright Spark grant to Cliodhna Quigley)



u:cris: https://ucris.univie.ac.at/portal/de/persons/cliodhna-quigley(90c96763-f6bd-4998-b1cf-ace5f179e3ad).html

orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7522-4426

google scholar: https://scholar.google.at/citations?user=EnIobUgAAAAJ