Univ.-Prof. Dott. Leonida Fusani, MPhil PhD

Leonida Fusani was born in Florence, was educated in Italy & UK, worked in Germany, USA, and Italy, and since 2014 he is Professor of Animal Physiology and Ornithology at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, and the University of Vienna.

His main research interests are courtship displays and animal migration, and for his studies has conducted fieldwork in several areas of the world including Equatorial Africa, Central America and the Himalayas, funded by the Max-Planck-Society, NGS, and NSF. Since 2001 he works regularly as a Visiting Scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

For his innovative approach that bridges animal physiology and evolutionary biology he received the Frank A. Beach Award from the Society for Behavioural Neuroendocrinology in 2007. Fusani is Chair of the Committee of European Societies for Behavioural Biology and Fellow of the International Ornithologists' Union. He is author of more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and serves as a reviewer for several research councils worldwide.

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