Lena Pflüger

Dipl.-Biol, PhD

Mail: lena.pflueger@univie.ac.at

Research interests

Behavioral genetics, hormone-behavior interactions, primate social behavior, primate sexual behavior and reproduction, fission-fusion dynamics

ORCID:                        https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4494-4970

ResearchGate:             https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lena-Pflueger

My main research interest centers around the interplay between genetic, endocrine, and environmental factors in shaping primate social behavior. I specialize in behavioral genetics, developing non-invasive sampling techniques to minimize interference with displayed behaviors and the environment.

Key to my research is conducting fieldwork on semi-free and free-ranging Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata), a primate species that lives in large multi-male, multi-female societies characterized by complex social structures and a pronounced dominance hierarchy.

My field studies are predominantly conducted at the Affenberg Field Research Station, offering us the opportunity to closely observe and study Japanese macaques in a near-natural habitat. I contribute to a range of interdisciplinary research projects conducted on-site, offering insights into diverse mechanisms influencing social behavior in primates. Disciplines include behavioral ecology, molecular biology, physiology, cognitive biology, and conservation biology. Since 2023 we are working together with IT experts on user-centered digital solutions to improve monitoring efforts of (semi-) free ranging macaques, e.g., AI-based monkey recognition applications, behavioral field-apps, and digital protocols.

For further information on ongoing projects, please visit the Affenberg Research Station website: https://affenberg.univie.ac.at/



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