Matthias Nemeth

Mag. PhD

Phone: +43-1-4277-76150
Mail: matthias.nemeth[at]

Research interests

Behavioural physiology, Hormone-Behaviour interactions, Social life, Stress research, Reproduction, Nutrition, Energy balance

My research interests focus on several aspects and interactions among the fields of physiology and behaviour, including endocrinology, reproduction, nutrition, cognition, social behaviour and social dominance. I am further interested in how these factors are related to the energy balance, in particular how animals adapt physiologically and behaviorally to different energetically demanding situations, and how this may affect their development, the process of aging, and the life span. 

We are currently investigating different physiological and behavioural influences of dietary (saturated and unsaturated) fatty acids in socially living domestic guinea pigs, focusing on the complex interactions among fatty acids and physiological stress responses in relation to the animals' behavior and social system. Further aspects address cross-generational, age- and sex-related influences and the role of dietary fatty acids in reproduction and during the pre- and postnatal development. 

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Conference talks

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PUFA changes in white adipose tissues during hibernation in common hamsters

Matthias Nemeth , Carina Siutz , Eva Millesi
29th Meeting of the International Hamsterworkgroup
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
12.10.2022 - 13.10.2022

PUFA changes in white adipose tissue during hibernation in common hamsters

Carina Siutz , Matthias Nemeth , Eva Millesi
16th International Hibernation Symposium
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
2.8.2021 - 5.8.2021

Effects of Fatty Acids on mtDNA and Cortisol Expressions during Social Challenge in Male Guinea Pigs

Bernard Wallner , M. Hofer , T. Lukas , P. Steindorf , Matthias Nemeth , Ralf Steinborn
Mitochondria in Health and Disease
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
2.11.2017 - 2.11.2017

Effects of dietary fatty acids on social behavior and stress responses in Guinea pigs

Eva Millesi , Matthias Nemeth , Daniela Schuster , Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr , Bernard Wallner
8th European Conference on Behavioural Biology
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
..2016 - ..

Non-invasive cortisol measurements as indicators of physiological stress responses in guinea pigs

Matthias Nemeth , Elisabeth Pschernig , Karl-Heinz Wagner , Bernard Wallner , Eva Millesi
Cognition and Communication Student Workshop 2015
Seminar/Workshop, Talk or oral contribution
..2015 - ..

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